University of the Cumberlands’ Williamsburg campus boasts several sculptures, such as four-foot renditions of the Ten Commandments and life-size statues of noteworthy individuals like Hippocrates, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others. A new sculpture was recently installed on campus – a globe entitled “Ever-Changing World.” It is located on the University’s property on Main Street, near the viaduct, which is currently under construction.

The “Ever-Changing World” globe sculpture is representative of how University of the Cumberlands prepares students with the skills needed to succeed in the ever-changing world.

The sculpture is coated with a unique color-shifting paint that changes as the angle and lighting of the sun moves. It is made of aluminum and weighs 2,300 pounds, stands 16 feet tall, and is mounted on a steel reinforced concrete pedestal.

“Ever-Changing World” was created by Jon Hair, a widely acclaimed sculptor. His clients include the U.S. Olympic Committee, the U.S. Air Force Academy, the EMMYS Hall of Fame, the cities of Beijing and Shanghai, as well as 46 American colleges and universities.

In addition to large custom commissions, Hair is well known for his creation of historical life-size bronze figures. In 2021, the University installed three life-size bronze bench figures of Madame Marie Curie, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ludwig von Beethoven that were created by Hair.

“Jon Hair is a world-renowned sculptor who has created more than 100 public works of art over the last two decades,” said Dr. Larry L. Cockrum, president of Cumberlands. “We are honored to be able to showcase his incredible work on our Williamsburg campus.”

He continued, “Since its founding in 1888, Cumberlands has consistently worked to equip students with the head and heart knowledge needed to build meaningful lives. Although the world around us is constantly changing, our mission remains the same – to provide a quality, affordable education to students from all backgrounds.”

Community members are welcome on Cumberlands’ campus to enjoy its aesthetics and see the new sculpture. Other campus attractions include sporting events, concerts, theatrical programs, worship nights, the Ward Correll Health and Wellness Center, and the annual Forcht Excellence in Leadership series.