Two members of the University of the Cumberlands’ ROTC program, Cadet Raymond Salas and Cadet Myles Betts, earned the distinguished “RECONDO” qualification at the United States Army Cadet Command (USACC) Cadet Summer Training in 2021.

“RECONDO” status is a historically difficult honor given to a small portion of all Cadets during Cadet Summer Training (CST). The training is a 35-day evaluation located in Fort Knox, KY, and is a requirement for any ROTC Cadet looking to earn a commission in the Army after their education is completed.

To earn RECONDO status, a Cadet has to pass all events at CST on their first try and score in the top 10 percent of their peers. Events include a written and practical land navigation test, physical fitness evaluation, weapons qualification, and an intense road march, to name a few.

The ROTC program at University of the Cumberlands was reinstated in the fall of 2019.  Upon graduation, members of the ROTC program who have signed a contracting letter will be commissioned as an Army Officer (in charge of 42 soldiers). The program is a blend of ROTC classes and labs. Major Colin Corrigan, the assistant professor of the Department of Military Science and Leadership, encourages students who might be interested in ROTC to take the basic level courses to get a feel for the program. Members of ROTC are not required to serve after graduation unless they have signed a contracting letter intending to do so. To find more out about the ROTC program, visit