Two members of the University of the Cumberlands Jazz Ensemble performed with the Kentucky Intercollegiate Jazz Ensemble on February 7, 2020, during the Kentucky Music Educators Association Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. The KIJE is a very select group consisting of student musicians from colleges and universities from throughout the state of Kentucky.

Drew Shannon, a sophomore music education major from Somerset, performed on trumpet, and Tyler Curtis, a junior music education major from Corbin, performed on bass trombone. 

When asked about his experience, Drew Shannon said, “It was an incredibly fun experience that I am very grateful for! The musicians were very talented and fun to work with. It was nice to meet players from around the state because I do not get to interact with them that often. It was neat to see how we listened to each other to balance and play together without lots of instruction and rehearsal.”

Tyler added, “It was such a great experience to work with musicians at such a high level.  People with a similar mindset, but who vary in approaching the different challenges we faced in rehearsal and at the performance.  It was fun to work with people who want to make the product a really good one.”

David Threlkeld, director of the UC Jazz Ensemble said of this event, “It is considered a great honor to be selected. Tyler and Drew certainly earned this opportunity and they both performed very well in Louisville.”