Memorial Day

In observance of the Memorial Day holiday, campus offices will be closed on Friday, May 24, and Monday, May 27.

Dr. Trey Jarboe has been named Associate Vice President of Online Enrollment at University of the Cumberlands (UC).

Jarboe now oversees the admissions process for all of Cumberlands’ online programs, including those in UC’s School of Lifelong Learning, as well as those enrolled in a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and executive programs. Cumberlands’ online division offers adult students the ability to enter any online program at any level, based on their prior education. Students can begin academic work toward an associate’s degree and matriculate through Cumberlands’ programs all the way to the doctoral level.

Jarboe said he is excited for the challenge of his new position, providing oversight of the largest programs Cumberlands offers and working to grow enrollment throughout the entire online spectrum of program offerings.

“Growth and service – those are what we want to see,” said Jarboe. “Our goal is to provide great customer service in addition to a great academic experience. There are plenty of online programs out there for students to choose from. But, we stand out because our values can’t be beaten, the academic experience is second to none and we treat our students better than anyone else can. We do all we can for them. If they call, we talk to them and take care of them.”

Online programs at Cumberlands have grown dramatically over the past few years, primarily due to the value offered through the online programs. In January, total enrollment at the university surpassed 10,000 students. 

Despite the growth, all of Cumberlands programs are managed from the Williamsburg campus with personnel focused on academic advisors and program administrators ensuring each online student receives the same experience and attention traditional, on-campus undergraduate students receive.

“It has always been Cumberlands’ mission to provide a quality education to all students, regardless of their background or whether they’re learning on campus or online,” said Jarboe. “A lot of our growth is due to the vision and the leadership we have. We offer programs that are in high demand that enable students to have better employment opportunities. We offer the right programs, we provide great service, and are very affordable. We don’t sell our programs; our programs sell themselves.”

The most notable growth is in Cumberlands’ executive programs. To accommodate the students in the program, Cumberlands has initiated a live chat option and call center, and has hired more academic advisors to guide students through the admissions process. Advisors continually work with executive students throughout the program to verify their enrollment status, course load, and grade point average (GPA), remind students about deadlines and help them arrange housing during the required residency component of the program.

“We want to guide them through the process as much as possible,” said Jarboe. “These students have busy careers and lives outside of academics and we understand that. I’ve always considered advisors to be advocates for the students. We advocate for those students and make sure the student has access to all the resources we have available.”

Jarboe completed two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree at UC in 2013, then earned his Ph.D. in leadership from Cumberlands in 2015. He began working in Cumberlands’ School of Lifelong Learning office in 2013, being promoted to Associate Director of Lifelong Learning the following year. Jarboe then worked as the director of the academic branch of Online Enrollment before accepting his new position as Associate Vice President. Jarboe is part of the University’s Department for Enrollment led by Dr. Jerry Jackson. The department manages all aspects of admissions, enrollment, and financial aid for Cumberlands undergraduate, graduate, and online programs.