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IRS Form 1098-T: Tuition Payment Statement

What is it?

Form 1098-T is an IRS tax form that our University files, which reports students' eligible tuition payments. We report this form for every student currently enrolled that is making qualifying payments.

What qualifies for a 1098-T?

  • Tuition
  • Qualifying Fees

How do I access my 1098T electronically?

The 1098-T form will be available to all students via the myUC Payment Portal after January 31st. Choose My Account > Statements > 1098-T Tax Statements. Once you've proceeded to view the information, you can download the PDF version of the file.

**The University of the Cumberlands cannot advise any student receiving this tax form regarding its filing. You will need to seek the advice of a tax professional.**

**We must have your Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number by December 31st for you to receive your 1098T**