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Former Students


Our collection team manages the pre-collections of student accounts. Upon failure to satisfy an outstanding balance, the University will place a financial hold on a student account. The unpaid student account balance will be considered delinquent and move into pre-collections. Students will continue to receive multiple communications, including emails, statement notices, and letters to request payment for outstanding balances. 

Past Due Collections

Once an account becomes delinquent, UC collections will begin active collection proceedings according to our policy. This may include direct contact with students, mailed statements, or emails. Once the University has exhausted its efforts, the delinquent balance will be turned over to our collection agency partners. At that point, the student will need to communicate directly with their assigned collection agency.

Collection Agency Partners

Key2Recovery 513-874-2288
Williams & Fudge 803-329-9791

Please be advised an outstanding or collection account balance will result in a financial hold, which prevents a student from receiving an official transcript. Likewise, a due balance will prohibit registration in any current or future terms. Once a student’s account balance is satisfied in full, the financial hold will be removed from the student account. It is important to note that removing a financial hold does not explicitly imply that a student is clear for registration. There may be other University holds that prohibit registration in a current or future term.

Making a Payment

If you wish to proceed with payment, below are some options on how to make your student tuition payment. 

Current Students:
myUC Payment Portal

Former Students:
Payment Portal

University of the Cumberlands
Attn: Office of Collections
6194 College Station Drive
Williamsburg, KY 40769

Unfortunately, the University is not able to take or receive payments over the phone. 

Former students still have payment plan options.  Please contact us at (606) 539-4472 for more information.