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Title IX Training

Title IX Training

The University offers a variety of training opportunities to the campus community. Employees of the University complete Title IX training through the learning platform Everfi. Incoming students complete Title IX training through the learning platform MyStudentBody.

Members of the Title IX Compliance Team have completed the following training:

  • August 2022
    • The Title IX team at the University completed a group training presented by Hush Blackwell LLP related to regulations, investigations, and hearings. The related training materials may be accessed through this link.
  • August 2, 2021
  • July, 2020
    • The following completed trainings were hosted by ATIXIA ( Their training materials are copyrighted and are available by contacting ATIXA directly at (610) 644-7858.
      • Investigator Level I, Investigator Level II, Hearing Officer/Decision Maker, OCR Title IX Regulations, and Title IX Coordinator Level I

For questions regarding University training efforts, please contact:

Dr. Quentin Young
Chief Financial Officer and Title IX Coordinator
Gatliff Administrative Building, Office 224
(606) 539-4597 |

Dr.  Jamirae Holbrook  
Vice President for Student Services and Deputy Title IX Coordinator  
Boswell Campus Center 
(606) 539-4120 |