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Cumberlands Idol singers in 2010

We woke every morning feeling like P Diddy. Apple released the first iPad. Uber took to the streets for the very first time. Our hearts broke as we watched the worst oil spill in history cover the ocean as well as for the city of Cleveland when we heard Lebron was walking away. And, our selfies took on a new life when we downloaded Instagram for the first time. 

Of course, not everything we did on campus made it to social media, but we made sure to lock down every Tuesday night for Cumberlands Idol. CAB made us wonder "who done it" with their murder mystery dinners in the cafe. We crushed junk cars during the Hulk Smash for whatever reason and it seems there was that one girl who was in every single play and musical held on campus. 

It's time to walk back down memory lane and relive some of the best year's of your life. Make sure to join us on campus October 22 & 23. As part of this year's festivities, we will honor both the classes of 2010 and 2011. Saturday night, before the football game, a special tailgate area will be established for you to gather with your classmates. 

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