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Graduate Testimonials

"The University of the Cumberlands is the Graduate Education Jewel of Kentucky. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my Ed.D. experience from the Cumberlands. If you are looking to extend your education…look no further."

- Abeni El-Amin, Ph.D., Ed.D., LSSMBB [Doctor of Education - Educational Leadership Program]

"As a non-traditional student who completed the online bachelor's in nursing program I returned to enroll in the online master's program. Both programs have exceeded my expectations. I would encourage anyone contemplating returning to school to consider Cumberlands."

- D. Glenn [RN-BSN and Master's of Nursing Program]

"As an educator there are many options provided for fast tracked and simple degrees related to education. This was not for me. I wanted to focus specifically on a field that would advance my knowledge and help me to promote Health, Fitness and Physical Activity. This is exactly what the Human Health and Performance Department offered  ...The past few years have seen no lack of excitement in my schedule. I teach 6/5ths schedule (no prep), co-direct a before and after school fitness and sports program, as well direct sports performance at the high school where I coach football. My time in the program was far from easy. But through the support of my professors and the staff I was able to stay persistent and on track to complete my
degree in one year!"

- Colin Shumate [MSHHP Program]

"I certainly feel there were many of my undergrad classes at Cumberlands that were much more in depth than the master's classes I took at a bigger, more expensive school.  That's why I am back where I started to get my Doctorate in Business.  Best bang for the buck."

- Mike Carr [DBA Program]

“The MAED program was a very comprehensive and robust experience that definitely added value to my professional and academic experience. The faculty provided me with tangible skills and a fresh approach to both research and practice in education.”

- Nathan Smith, Teacher [MAED Program]

“UC does an excellent job of bringing students from the virtual world together in a cohesive class unit. Even though I live far from campus, I truly felt like part of the UC community thanks to their excellent online program.”

- Jennifer Kincaid, Assistant Principal [MAED Program]

“Enrolling in the University of the Cumberlands’ MBA program was a rewarding and valuable investment as it has challenged me both professionally and personally. The program has enhanced my knowledge and perspective on business management and broadened my future horizons.”

- Brooklyn Hooker, Accountant, Kentucky Highlands Investment Corp.

“The MBA program fit my busy lifestyle. I was able to attend MBA classes and do the assigned work all while having a full-time challenging job, a husband, and two children at home.”

- Pam Jones, Controller, Baptist Regional Medical Center

“I enjoyed the quality of the materials and the instructors. The knowledge I gained will help me in my business.”

- Eric Greer, Founder & President, CIS

“The MBA program has given me an opportunity to further my education while working a full-time job. I am glad that I decided to pursue this program; it’s one of the best decisions I could have ever made.”

- Desrick Jones, Assistant Manager, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

“UC provided me with the tools and professional network of individuals to lead our school district in South Carolina. It is so refreshing to have people from several states in your class. There is no doubt UC is well ahead of the learning curve both in its technological applications and their focus on meaningful, job-embedded assignments.”

- David O'Shields, Superintendent, Laurens County School District (SC) [Superintendent Program]

“I believe that UC is making great strides toward becoming one of the best online programs.”
- Benjamin Clayton [MACS Program]

“The [MBA] program allowed me to make great contacts and network with other professionals.”

- Amanda Farris, Accountant, Southeastern Kentucky Rehabilitation Industries [MBA Program]

“I enjoyed the convenience and flexibility of the schedule especially with four children. The small classes made it great for developing relationships within the group.”

- Mark Steely, Coordinator of Radiology and Radiation Safety Officer, Baptist Regional Medical Center [MBA Program]

“Being part of the new era of technology allows UC to be a great learning institution as well as versatile. Now students that normally could not go to college are able to work and support their families while getting a great education at home.”

- Lesley Tipton [PA Program]

“UC has multiple attributes that I find attractive. Its affordability, high moral standards and sense of community make it a great choice for online learning.”

- April Templeton [MBA Program]

“The Rank 1 program at UC provides a broad array of avenues for enhancing our roles as educators. The program enables students to achieve a higher potential of learning and influential leadership capabilities while preparing us to assume further professional responsibilities.”

- Elizabeth Stack, Teacher [Rank 1 Program]

“The learning environment and the facilities at UC PA are the best around and it makes learning so much easier when you have all the tools you need. The professors make the facilities accessible at any time and at a larger university you cannot find that.”

- Kevin Caddell [PA Program]

“The online program at UC has allowed me to further my education while maintaining my personal commitments. The program has provided me with skills and techniques which apply directly to my professional life of teaching high school English, which is my passion.”

- Carl Roberts, Teacher [MAT Program]

"Even with the classes being online, I still feel connected to the University and feel part of the UC family."

- J. Gilbert [Online BS Psychology Program]

"This university is a literal God send.  I finished my Master's in Teaching and now I'm getting my Rank I with them.  The professors are understanding and kind."

- Eva Hall [Rank 1 Program]

"University of the Cumberland's Physician Assistant program provided me with the education needed to provide care to patients of all ages. The training I received from competent and compassionate Physician Assistants in the program helped instill a love for providing medical care to underserved patients. I am very grateful to be a UC alum. "

- Keisha Taylor [PA Program]