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SOWK237. Human Behavior in a Social Environment

This course takes a chronological approach to the life span from an ecological/systems perspective and strengths framework. The material attends to human diversity and the effects of age, gender, and family structure. It focuses on human functioning throughout the lifespan to provide the student with a knowledge and value base for practice across all system levels (micro, mezzo, and macro). The course incorporates content on culture, empowerment, gender differences, and racial and ethnic stereotypes. This course also offers an interdisciplinary viewpoint focusing on theories of human development commonly used in the social sciences to understand human behavior. Human behavior draws upon a multitude of theoretical foundations, principles, and methodologies. Prerequisite: Entrance into the social work program and SOWK 234. Credit, 3 hours.  Offered fall and spring semesters in-seat. Offered online each semester.