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Online PhD Information Technology Courses and Degree Requirements

The Doctorate in Information Technology is comprised of the following 60 required credit hours which include professional research courses, content specialty courses and a dissertation*.

*The dissertation is the capstone experience in the PhD program of Information Technology. A dissertation is a research-based project that may use a wide range of statistical, quantitative, and qualitative methods. However, in the University’s practitioner-focused program, the dissertation is conceived as a reality-based project in which the candidate engages in authentic professional problem-solving to extend best practices in the field.

For more information on the PhD in Information Technology courses available, please see below:

Content Specialty Area - 18 Credit Hours Required

A content specialty area of at least eighteen hours must be earned in one of the five (5)  disciplines: Information Systems Security, Information Technology, Digital Forensics, Cyber Engineering, and Blockchain.

Courses in the following UC Master's programs will matriculate as the Doctoral specialty if the courses are completed beyond the first Master’s degree.

  • MS Digital Forensics
  • MS Information Technology
  • MS Information Systems Security
  • MS Cyber Engineering
  • MS Blockchain

In the event a learner needs more classes, other related discipline courses could be considered with the discretion of the Department Chair and Program Director under the direction of the Dean of the School.

Content Specialty Area (18 hours):

Digital Forensics:

Information Securities:

Blockchain Specialization

Cyber Engineering:

Information Technology:


For a full list of course offerings or more program specific information, visit our Academic Catalog page.