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Graduate Student Success

Hello and welcome to the University of the Cumberlands Graduate Education Program. We would like to invite you to take a few moments to navigate our webpage to better understand what you can expect throughout your program.

Graduate Student Success (GSS) is here to assist with registration for your first classes. We will also be here to assist you with managing your program. 

The first step in beginning your online experience with UC is to complete the three documents below and return them to GSS. Once you have returned the Planned Program/Curriculum Contract, Kentucky Code of Ethics and the Contract of Understanding you will be able to contact GSS for assistance with registration. These documents will be provided to you as your admittance is processed.


The Plan Program/Curriculum Contract is a very important part of your program, it allows you to follow your specific program which has been approved by KYEPSB (Kentucky Education Professionals Standards Board).

Please become familiar with your plan program, it will help you to have a smooth experience through your program.

Please note the Continuous Assessment portion of the Plan Program – This will consist of Pillars IV, V and VI.


We will begin with Pillar IV; this indicates the beginning of your program. The components in Pillar IV should be met during the admissions process.


The next step will be Pillar V; this indicates the mid-point of your program. These components should be met within 12-18 hours into your program. GAC will send an email informing you that you have come to the mid-point of your program. In your MyUC account a checklist will show the items still needed.


Finally we come to Pillar VI; we believe the mid-point is a good time to assist you in preparing for Pillar VI. This is the final Pillar in your program and will allow you to move through the completion of your program.

Plan Programs


The Kentucky Education Standards Board requires that you have a signed Kentucky Code of Ethics form on file with UC. Please sign and return along with the Planned Program and Contract of Understanding.

Kentucky Code of Ethics


This document is needed by the UC Education Department. Please sign and return along with the Planned Program/Curriculum Contract and the Kentucky Code of Ethics form.

Contract of Understanding


Students who are entering the University of the Cumberlands MAT programs will need to complete the Character and Fitness form and email it to Graduate Student Success at to be placed in your electronic file.

Character and Fitness Form


If you have graduate course work that has not been applied toward a degree, please submit a transfer credit form along with course descriptions and transcripts from an accredited Institution of Higher Education for evaluation. It is possible to transfer up to 9 credit hours toward a degree program and up to 12 credit hours toward a non-degree program. Transfer credit evaluations can take up to one week to process if all the required documents are submitted along with the form. Please complete the transfer credit form below and return it to GSS. Please check the Graduate Catalog for UC’s policies regarding transfer credits.

Transfer Credit Evaluation Form


Most of your online courses will require a book. Please follow the link below to order your books.



If you have a hold on your account and you want to make changes to your upcoming schedule, please contact the GSS office at 606-539-4539 or email your request to

If you have no holds on your account and would like to make changes to your upcoming schedule, please log into your UC One account to make any necessary changes.

If you would like to drop from a course that has already began, please review the withdrawal/refund policy and drop the course using your UC One account.


It is important to complete the payment option every time you register for courses. This allows you to let UC know how you plan to pay for your courses.

Payment Option Form