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Executive Master's in Cyber Engineering

Cybersecurity is an issue throughout the world. As more and more of our daily lives—work, school and play—happen online, more and more criminal elements are also making their way there. No organization is immune to cyber threats. Every company needs the skills, understanding and determination of an information security professional who holds a master’s degree in cybersecurity engineering. 

University of the Cumberlands offers an executive-level Master of Science in Cyber-Engineering that blends courses from multiple disciplines—computer engineering, computer science and electrical engineering—to give graduates a comprehensive understanding of cyber-engineering for what it takes to combat cybercrime throughout their organizations. Whether it’s upgrading the defense of existing networks and systems or designing a top-to-bottom cyber defense for your company, this graduate program offers the skills needed to maintain and secure operations even in the face of growing cyber risks.  

Your Executive Master of Science in Cyber-Engineering (MSCE) program will help develop your critical thinking skills and provide a master-level of industry knowledge through virtual lab exercises, application activities and research. Upon graduation you’ll know what it takes to:

  • Understand the role policy plays in engineering secure systems
  • Examine the role assurance plays in security, in the development, design and deployment of software and hardware products
  • Evaluate trusted systems and implement designs into secure systems
  • Provide solutions to secure network and protect infrastructures from cyber threats
  • Assess security systems using the principles of network forensics

Cybersecurity Salary with Master’s Degree in Cyber-Engineering

With this master’s degree in cybersecurity engineering, you can take your career—and salary—to an executive level. Graduates of this program can pursue careers consultancy, where Information Security Analysts earned a median salary of $102,600. Or lead your organizations IT operations, pursuing management and executive roles in an area where Computer and Information Systems Managers earned, on average, $159,010 in 2021. Other career options, and high salary potential, can be found as an IT Security Consultant, Security Systems Administrator or even Chief Information Security Officer.

Take the next step—learn what it takes to secure networks and protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats with your Executive Master of Science in Cyber-Engineering. To learn more about any of our IT or executive-level programs, contact us today!

Residency & Class Attendance Policy
Residency weekend sessions are mandatory. You must attend each session in full to receive credit. If you miss any part of the session, you will be counted absent for the entire session. No exceptions. If you miss a single class session, you may make it up at the end of the semester and be required to pay a make-up fee. Missing more than one residency session will result in dismissal from the University.


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