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Executive PhD in Business Mission and Goals

In harmony with the system-wide purpose of University of the Cumberlands, the structured curriculum offers candidates a personalized path for research and administration or for service and practice. The mission of the Executive Doctor of Philosophy in Business in particular is to prepare graduates for fulfilling lives of responsible service and leadership through the research, study and application of business. Overall, the school provides a learning environment that is characterized by student-oriented instructional methodologies and the development of leadership and life-long learning skills in its students.

Course structure for this Executive PhD in Business Degree Program consists of four components:  1) Core courses; 2) Strategic Focus (or specialization courses); 3) Research courses; and 4) the Dissertation.  Through this Executive Ph.D. in Business course structure, the executive level doctorate in business degree will give candidates the tools they need to:

  • Apply current research and literature to problems found in the areas of accounting, finance, economics, management, and marketing
  • Develop research-based, strategic, effective, and ethical solutions to optimize organizational performance (both domestic and international)
  • Apply advanced communication, collaboration, research, and critical thinking skills
  • Design rigorous research that contributes to the professional body of knowledge of business and provides linkages to practical business applications