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General Education Curriculum & Degree Requirements

37 Hours - Required of All Students

The general education degree curriculum outlined below applies to new full-time undergraduate students enrolling in the current term. Students previously enrolled full-time will complete the General Education curriculum as defined in earlier catalogs. If you are looking for a bachelor's degree in general studies, your career trajectory may benefit from this program.

Integrated Studies Courses

As part of the General Education curriculum, students must take one Integrated Studies course in place of the “standard” general education courses listed below, and they have the option of taking a second Integrated Studies course as a substitution in another area of the general studies major curriculum. Integrated Studies courses are available in Sections I, III, IV, V, and VI of the General Education curriculum. These courses are special topics upper-level courses open to juniors and seniors. Integrated Studies courses have no prerequisites. Some of these courses are team-taught, cross-disciplinary courses. These newly developed courses reflect the University’s commitment to nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving. In some cases Integrated Studies courses will also count in a general studies major or minor. Integrated Studies courses are designated with a 40X course number (ART 401, BIOL 403, etc.), and the area of the General Education curriculum which each serves is identified in the course descriptions in UC's course catalog.

I - Christian Faith

IV - Historical and Cultural Understanding

(6 Hours)

A. History (3 Hours)
B. Culture (3 Hours)