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Excellent project management podcasts abound, creating a unique problem for aspiring listeners: How in the world is it possible to narrow down such a long list of options? It helps to get a sense for the best PMP podcasts currently available and how they are targeted at different types of professionals.

Whether you're ready to seek PMP certification or need a refresh on important topics after years of working in the field, you can count on these PM podcast programs to give you the insight and motivation you need:

1. The Project Management Podcast
Keep it simple and download or stream a top podcast with a name that perfectly captures what it's all about. Hosted by project management expert Cornelius Fichtner, this podcast is chock full of actionable advice. Its relevant topics will appeal to both project management novices and experienced professionals.

Many episodes offer advice on the PMP Exam, while others explore concerns such as automation and agile product development. All are worth a listen when you have 45 minutes to spare.

2. Projectified Podcast
There's value in going straight to the source for your project management podcasts. This approach works wonders when you download the Projectified Podcast, which is created by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This forward-thinking production focuses on the field's exciting future, presenting opportunities that listeners will want to pursue to remain at the cutting-edge of all things project management.

Many episodes delve into specific PM applications within sectors such as health care and financial services. Typically lasting less than twenty minutes, these make for a quick listen during an everyday commute or while catching up on chores.

3. Project Management Paradise
Powered by the project and portfolio management provider Cora, the highly-rated podcast Project Management Paradise offers a wide array of perspectives from some of the world's leading professionals. These include acclaimed TEDx speakers, bestselling authors, and several influential CEOs.

All contributors have different perspectives on the evolving scope of project management, but their insights are equally important. Episodes range anywhere from twenty to forty minutes and all include insightful discussions that will transform your understanding of key project management principles.

4. 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast with Ricardo Vargas
This podcast's short duration is clearly evident within its title, but you'll be amazed by how much excellent information can be packed into those five minutes. The show often addresses project management concerns in the context of current events, so it provides yet another way to save time. Skip that conventional news podcast and listen to Ricardo Vargas' show instead.

Self-described as a "chief advocate in the project economy," Vargas was one of the earliest project management experts on the podcast scene, as he founded his 5 Minutes show in 2007. Quick, practical, and thoroughly enjoyable, his podcast is still a project management powerhouse. Each episode is short enough that there are absolutely no excuses for not adding this production to your audio itinerary.

5. Time Limit
Project managers are, by nature, always running against the clock in a battle that often feels unwinnable. The Time Limit podcast acknowledges this reality while also equipping PMPs with tailored time management skills, plus actionable advice on numerous other topics. Learn how to work with agencies, measure productivity, and maintain optimal work-life balance.

6. The Biker PM
Project management professional Anthoney Pavelich intimately understands the many challenges that exist within the small business world. On his show, he breaks down these issues as they relate to project management. Many specialized episodes are currently available, so take some time to browse the list to see if the various topics (such as transitioning to consultancy or scaling small businesses) relate to your situation.

Pavelich's show was once known as Project Management for Small Business but has since rebranded and adopted a far more memorable name that reflects his status as a motorcycle enthusiast. Still, his main goal is to provide relevant tools and techniques to small-scale entrepreneurs.

7. The Lazy Project Manager
You don't actually have to be lazy to make the most of this helpful podcast. Hosted by the author of a similarly titled project management book, this show demonstrates the value of working smarter, not harder. The conversations may sometimes be silly, but host Peter Taylor is always serious about achieving the often-elusive goal of work-life balance.

8. Manage This
Dubbed the "podcast by project managers for project managers," Manage This is hosted by thought leaders Andy Crowe and Bill Yates. The bimonthly program aims to encourage both aspiring project managers and professionals with years of experience.

Insightful interviews reveal the many ways in which properly applied PM principles have changed the world. Examples include the eradication of water scarcity via the Water Access Rwanda project, plus Seattle's Ship Canal Water Quality Project. Other shows focus on navigating the project management field or preparing for certification efforts.

9. The Digital Project Managers Podcast
Focused on what host Galen Low refers to as the "digital wild west," this podcast highlights the many technological manifestations of the modern project management field. If you're interested in the niche area of digital project management, this podcast is definitely for you.

The show's host is always engaging, as are the majority of his guests. Each edition of The Digital Project Managers Podcast begins with a brief summary and introduction that will help you determine whether it's the right episode for you.

10. Project Management Happy Hour
It's impossible to not fall in love with a podcast that never gets "too dry" but confesses to being "a bit salty at times." This podcast is perfectly named, as it captures the lighthearted atmosphere you might enjoy at your local happy hour gathering, but also the frank discussions that you genuinely desire from those meetups. At times humorous, earnest, or motivational, the Project Management Happy Hour is best enjoyed while relaxing on the couch with your favorite beverage and a positive attitude.

11. Project Management Office Hours
Standing in clear contrast both in name and style to the aforementioned Project Management Happy Hour, the podcast known as Project Management Office Hours functions as a mentoring session with Joe Pucsz — also known as PMO Joe. This is an ideal listen if you're ready to take a step up in your career and obtain a coveted position: director of a project management office. Master change management and bridge the strategy-execution gap — this podcast shows that, with the right mindset, it's all possible.

12. The Project Chatter Podcast
Another great option if you're on the hunt for something lighthearted and conversational, The Project Chatter Podcast provides plenty of what it promises with its title — chatter about project management. Most episodes are lengthy, so this is not the show for you when something short and succinct is required. If you have spare time for a casual listen, however, you'll be eager to, as hosts Val Matthews and Dale Foong promise, "hear an Aussie and South African rant about projects."

13. PM Point of View Podcast
M Powered Strategies CEO Kendall Lott hosts a remarkable podcast that allows you to earn PMI Talent Triangle PDUs as you listen. The PM Point of View Podcast calls attention to a variety of much-needed perspectives from neuroscience, the art world, and many other seemingly unrelated areas. The show also frequently draws insights from symposiums, with follow-up interviews providing an even more in-depth look at these presentations.

14. Futureproof Your Career
If you're feeling stagnant in your project management career, you'll get the motivation you need from the Futureproof Your Career podcast. If this show achieves its mission, you'll "ooze confidence within your role and team" once you've made it part of your listening routine. Primarily providing female perspectives in hopes of encouraging women in project management, this podcast is essential for reigniting your passion.

15. PM for the Masses
Learn crucial lessons from today's most impactful project managers as you listen to PM for the Masses. Hosted by Cesar Abeid, this audio resource focuses on actionable advice that can be applied as soon as you finish each episode.

Each show will leave you feeling motivated to unleash your power as an accomplished project manager. The genius of this production lies in its ability to accomplish what the best project managers do every day: break big concepts or endeavors into small, more manageable chunks.

16. PMP Exam Success Secrets with Scott
If you're currently preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam, your podcast list needs at least one show that is exclusively focused on your certification efforts. That's exactly what you'll find when you subscribe to PMP Exam Success Secrets with Scott, which is loaded with helpful advice.

Arguably the best PMP podcast for those seeking certification, this show demonstrates how working smarter will help you pass, rather than relying on the ineffective, rote memorization strategies with which you've grown accustomed. Most episodes are short, so you can get the advice you need and move on to studying.

17. Everyday PM
Project management principles are vital in your chosen profession, of course, but they can also prove transformative when applied to your personal life. Discover how project management works in the real world while listening to Everyday PM.

Most episodes last between 30 and 40 minutes, although some can be enjoyed in less than 10 minutes. Either way, this is a great option for your commute or when you prefer to take a break from more technical content.

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