Nursing is a career that requires more than just medical knowledge and technical skills — it requires you to be an empathetic and compassionate human being, one who enjoys nurturing others and providing them with emotional, physical, and even spiritual care at times. As a result, nursing and faith often go hand-in-hand. Students who are considering a career in healthcare and are passionate about caring for those in need will find that nursing and Christianity complement each other very well.

Relying on Your Faith While Caring for Those in Need

In the field of nursing, you are going to find yourself in many unique situations — some of which can be very challenging. Whether you are caring for a dying patient or consoling a family member dealing with a difficult situation with a loved one, you will find that you are called to be more than a nurse.

First and foremost, while caring for those in need, you will be taking care of your patients' physical needs. From administering medication to treating wounds, you will need to be focused and present in order to provide your patients with the medical care that they require. However, this can be daunting and even emotionally draining at time, so you will find yourself drawing upon your faith as you summon the physical strength to give your patients the care they require. In addition, you may also find yourself offering your faith to your patients, as they endure pain and discomfort.

In addition to providing your patients with medical care, you also will find that you become their source of comfort. You may even be in a position where you are a patient's confidant, as they may feel like you are a trusting individual who will listen to them in a way that those closest to them cannot. This emotional care is pivotal and can have a significant impact on your patient's overall experience. As you navigate these experiences, your faith will guide you. It will help you know what to say and how to comfort your patients during their time of need.

The holistic care that nurses provide their patients is unique and is not found in most other careers. That is why nursing and Christianity blend so well together — the type of care that you need to provide your patients will only be improved when you incorporate your faith into the plan.

Nursing and Christianity: How You Can Blend Your Faith With Your Work

For those who are looking for a career in which their faith can play an important role, nursing is an excellent option. There are many ways that you can blend your faith with your work when you enter the nursing field.

These are a few examples of when you can combine nursing and faith:

  • Nurses who work in the labor and delivery units can witness tiny miracles every day. Most women, particularly when they are in labor, need someone who can guide them through the rigors of childbirth. A nurse with a faith-filled disposition can do that in a gentle way, giving her the physical and emotional strength she needs to endure the experience.
  • Nurses who work with the elderly are often working closely with patients who are nearing the end of their life. Many of these patients, after a lifetime of highs and lows, are feeling more spiritual than other, younger patients. A nurse who is dependent on her own faith throughout her daily life will be well-suited to walk alongside her patients on this spiritual journey.
  • Nurses who work in school buildings and with young children can rely on their own faith to help young patients cope with physical ailments, emotional turmoil and more. Pediatric patients may be dealing with something as simple as a scraped knee or as devastating as a terminal illness, and a compassionate, faith-filled nurse will be able to provide them with the loving care that they need, no matter the circumstances.

As a nurse, sometimes your show of faith will be obvious. You may have a moment where you can pray alongside your patient, or when you can read scripture with them. However, there may be other circumstances where your display of faith will be more subtle. Perhaps you will utter a silent prayer as your patient begins an operation, or maybe you will read your own devotion in honor of your patient in privacy. Either way, this career allows you to keep your faith a priority while you serve and care for those in need.

Nursing, Healthcare and Spirituality

In many regards, nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. Without nurses, doctors would never be able to enact care plans and patients would not have enough people available to advocate for them. Nurses are on the front lines, providing patients of all ages and circumstances with the immediate care they need — whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

As a result, nursing, healthcare and spirituality are often intertwined. You are often with your patients during the most exciting moments of their lives — such as when a new child is brought into the world — or during their darkest moments — such as when a loved one passes away. You are called to be that special person who provides them with physical care and emotional comfort, and that often requires you to rely on your own faith and spirituality.

Discover the Difference With Faith Community Nursing

While any type of nursing job will allow you the ability to utilize your faith and keep it foremost in your life, there is a specific subset of nursing that more intentionally focuses on faith. Faith Community Nursing, or FCN, is a type of nursing in which spiritual and religious practices are combined with healthcare practices, providing patients with a holistic approach to their care.

This is what you need to know about Faith Community Nursing:

  • FCN is a type of nursing specialization, and it allows you to keep faith at the forefront of your nursing career.
  • FCN emphasizes a holistic approach to nursing, often incorporating religious beliefs or practices into the patient's care plan.
  • Faith community nurses often work with patients who are undergoing major transitions, such as becoming parents, dealing with a terminal diagnosis, managing a chronic illness or dealing with an unexpected life event, such as divorce.
  • Faith community nurses often work with vulnerable populations, in line with their beliefs as Christians. Faith community nurses may work with underprivileged youth, elderly people, homeless adults, veterans or anyone who may not have access to affordable health care.

Faith community nursing is a unique opportunity available to students who pursue an associate degree in nursing or an online master's degree in nursing from the University of the Cumberlands.

Healthcare Settings Where Nursing and Faith Work in Tandem

One of the reasons that the nursing field is so appealing is that there are many opportunities to personalize your career. Both Licensed Professional Nurses and Registered Nurses are able to work in a variety of settings in which they can rely on their faith and use it as part of their practice.

These are a few healthcare settings where nursing and faith work perfectly together:

  • Hospital Settings — In hospital settings, patients rely heavily on their nurses for both emotional and physical support. This is an ideal place to blending nursing and Christianity, particularly if you work for a hospital that is operated by a Christian organization.
  • Assisted Living Facilities — In assisted living facilities, you can work closely with your patients and develop close relationships with them. This is an ideal place to share your faith with patients and rely on your faith to provide them with the support they need.
  • Hospice — Patients who are in hospice facilities receive end-of-life care, which is one of the most powerful places for a faith-filled nurse to work. In this setting, you may find yourself praying with patients and their loved ones as they embark on the final leg of their journey here on Earth.
  • Community Health Clinics — Community health clinics often provide essential healthcare services to vulnerable populations, which is why it's an ideal place for a Christian nurse to work. In these clinics, you can fulfill your desire to serve those around you and provide them with the Christian care that they deserve.

Preparing for a Faith-filled Career in Healthcare

If you feel called to begin a nursing career that is rooted in faith, the best step to take is to enroll in a nursing program at a Christian university. At University of the Cumberlands, we are proud of our Christian traditions, and our faith anchors the education that we provide. Our Christian nursing programs provide you with the education and clinical skills that you need to care for all types of patients, all while deepening the faith you will rely on daily in your career as a nurse. With both undergraduate and graduate nursing degree programs available, we can help you launch a rewarding, spiritual career in the nursing field.

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