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Prospective Dual Credit Partners / Qualifications

Who is eligible to teach dual credit?
Any school desiring to offer in-seat dual credit courses instructed by high school faculty members must ensure that the faculty members are academically qualified to teach at the collegiate level.  The candidate must hold a master’s degree and 18 graduate hours in the respective discipline.

University of the Cumberlands will require the on-site dual credit faculty candidate to submit credentials for review and vetting.  Credentials include current curriculum vitae and all official transcripts from undergraduate and graduate work.  The curriculum vitae must be emailed to the Dual Credit Coordinator.  The official, sealed, unopened transcripts must be mailed directly to UC’s Academic Affairs office at the address below.

6170 College Station Dr.
Williamsburg, KY  40769

A faculty record with all current credentials will be maintained on the UC campus for accreditation purposes.

Dual Credit Options:

High School In-Seat Option:
This option allows students to take college courses on the high school campus.  Participants will attend and receive high school and college credit within the high school classroom.  The classes are taught by the high school teachers who are credentialed to teach according to SACSCOC accreditation standards and have been vetted through University of the Cumberlands.

UC On-Campus Option:
This option is offered to high school students who attend schools within driving distance of the UC main campus.  This program allows students to commute to the UC campus and take courses on site as traditional college students.  In most cases, the courses count for high school credit as determined by the high school.

Online Option:
This option allows students to enroll in UC Online general education courses. Participants will complete the course and receive high school and college credit for a class taught by an instructor from UC.  Each 16-week semester is broken into two, 8-week bi-terms. The UCumberlands Online courses are asynchronous. The students will be placed into UC’s pre-existing online courses and complete the course along with UC’s online undergraduate students.  Students are often assigned designated time during the school day in a computer lab on the high school campus.  Students are typically monitored by personnel on the high school campus to assist with technical issues and act as a liaison between students and UC Online faculty when student needs arise.  In some cases, students may participate in online courses without supervision.

Dual Credit Contacts:

Jada Walden
Dual Credit Student Success Coordinator

Nate Clouse
Director of Online Student Success & Retention