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Cumberlands students on the site of a MO home build

Mountain Outreach has established financial requirements for all home applicants.  

Annual Income Requirements will include the following model:

  • 3 people- 30K per year minimum
  • 4 people- 35K per year minimum
  • 5 people- 40k per year minimum
  • 6 people- 45K per year minimum
  • CAP financials at 60K per year for all groups listed above

Mountain Outreach strives to maintain a 0% interest mortgage, 0% down payment, and a truly non-profit approach.  To ensure the continuation of this approach, applicants are required to provide documented proof outlining an established and reliable source of income for a timeframe of no less than two years.  Additionally, applicants will be subject to credit check.  Credit scores must meet the national average of 620 or higher to establish a willingness to repay the mortgage.  Mortgage terms are negotiable and will be based upon both need and income, however, terms will be capped within reason.

Required 60 hours of community service within the first 18 months of the home being built.  

Home recipients will be required to participate in financial education classes that outlines how to establish and stick to a monthly budget, as well as, a general understanding of personal finance.  

Mountain Outreach will conduct general maintenance classes on a scheduled basis.  Home recipients will be required to attend a determined number of classes.