Written by Sarah Shelley | Content Development Specialist

Cumberlands was recently listed as one of the top 250 Best Graduate Schools for 2023.

Cumberlands was recently listed as one of the top 250 Best Graduate Schools for 2023. It was one of two private universities in the state to receive the ranking and one of only five universities overall in the state to be recognized.

The need for accessible graduate degree programs that are excellent enough to give students an advantage in the workforce – but affordable enough that they won’t go beyond their budgets – are increasingly in demand throughout the U.S. With so many universities to choose from, it’s hard to tell which programs will actually deliver the content students need, in a flexible format to fit their lifestyle, at an affordable rate.

Abound, parent company Colleges of Distinction, makes it their business to find the schools that do just that – and University of the Cumberlands is among the top of the list. To determine which schools are more likely to offer the best options for the most students, Abound measures four important aspects about the schools:

Accessibility –  Does the school offer courses in the evening, weekends, or online? Are working adults, including those with families, realistically able to balance their studies with their commitments?

Affordability – Obviously, tuition cost matters. Additionally, Abound also factors in the school’s debt repayment factor, which looks at how quickly a student, on average, is able to repay the loans they took out for school.

Acceleration – whether the school’s program is timely and cost-effective. In other words, whether there are typically “fluff” courses in the school’s graduate programs, or whether the courses included in the school’s programs drive their student directly toward a worthwhile degree.

Advancement – quality mentorship from faculty members moves students forward faster. This section measures the caliber of the faculty at the school, plus the school’s funding toward research, since those aspects impact students’ advancement opportunities in the workforce.

With University of the Cumberlands offering fast-track graduate degree programs that are taught by experienced faculty, offered both online and in hybrid formats, at prices that are among the lowest in the nation, the university made the cut as one of Abound’s 250 Best Graduate Schools for 2023.

University of the Cumberlands offers more than 40 graduate degree and certification programs in fields such as healthcare, education, business, IT, criminal justice, counseling, and more. Learn more at www.ucumberlands.edu/academics.

Students and alumni from Cumberlands’ graduate degree programs have made the news recently, winning international awards in computer science fields, completing paid fellowships in emerging blockchain technologies, receiving promotions in the education field, and more. See what Cumberlands graduates are accomplishing at www.ucumberlands.edu/news.