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iLearn In-Seat to Remote

Moving to Remote Course To-Do List

  1. Check with your department regarding suggested policy/procedure updates.
  2. Send an email/announcement to students to inform them that there will be changes to the course since we are temporarily moving to remote instruction. In the email/announcement, let students know how best to communicate with you, and to check their email and iLearn course often.
  3. Identify resources you might need for moving to remote instruction (equipment or instructional materials).
  4. Review your syllabus and policies and update as needed.
  5. Plan and set course expectations for students (sample provided below). Communicate these expectations with students (via a course announcement or email).

For technical support contact For help with course design and academic continuity contact

Sample Course Expectations

Here is a sample message of course expectations for remote instruction for you to customize.


Check your UC email and iLearn course daily for new information. Contact me if you have questions regarding course specifics. Announcements will be posted to keep you informed.

Syllabus and Schedule Updates

The following changes have been made to course syllabus...

The following changes have been made to the course schedule...


Online Meetings (Communicate)

We will meet online during our usual meeting days and times. Use the Communicate link on the left menu to connect to our online class meeting.  Recordings, for those unable to attend the online meetings will also be available under Communicate. 


We will use online discussions to share ideas and information covering course topics. Use the Discussions link on the left menu to participate. You are expected to contribute an original post to each discussion as well as respond to at least one of your classmates.


Course Materials

Materials you need to study will be posted under Content on the left menu. Review course materials thoroughly. Announcements will be posted as new materials are made available.


Instructions for completing and submitting assignments will also be posted under Content on the left menu. Contact me if you have any questions concerning assignments. 

Getting Started Teaching Remotely

This section provides information to get you started teaching remotely for Academic Continuity. 

Steps to Academic Continuity


In-Seat to Remote - Top 5 Things to Consider

Download Guide

Communicating with Students

Sending Announcements

Organizing Course Material

Setting Up Assignments

Using Collaborate Ultra

Live vs. Pre-Recorded Lectures

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra can be used for live course meetings as well as pre-recording lectures. It is recommended to record all sessions for flexibility.

Live Lectures

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra allows you to conduct live class sessions with your students. During these sessions, you can use audio and video, as well as chat functions, and share content. For example, if you want to present a PowerPoint to your students live, Collaborate will allow you to share your screen as you narrate your presentation.

It is a good idea to record all live sessions for students who are unable to attend the live session.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Overview

Adjust Session Settings in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Breakout Groups

Collaborate Ultra Recordings

Pre-Recorded Lectures

Alternatively to meeting live, you can record Collaborate Ultra sessions for your students in advance. For example, if you want to narrate a PowerPoint, you can use Collaborate Ultra to record your screen and audio.

  • Once you start your session, be sure to open the top left menu and click Start Recording. 
  • To access recordings in Collaborate Ultra, change Sessions to Recordings from the top left menu.
  • You can also obtain the link for the recording and post it under Content. Choose the Recording options ellipses to the right of the recording, then select Copy link.

Note - It may take time for the recorded session to become available under Recordings. Keep checking if your recording is not visible right away. 

How to Record a Lecture to Post in a Course

Resources for STEM Courses

Many lab activities for math and science can be found online at no cost. Below is a collection of lab resources based on subject that might be of interest. This information can also be downloaded in the file attached.




  • PhET: Interactive Simulations for Science and Math.  All simulations are free and cover topics including physics, chemistry, math, earth science, and biology.
  • Virtual Math Lab. A collection of algebra and GRE math tutorials provided by West Texas A&M University. These were created as a free service to anyone needing help in the areas of math.
  • MyOpenMath. MyOpenMath is designed for mathematics, providing delivery of homework, quizzes, and tests with rich mathematical content.


  • Physics Simulations. A free collection of physics simulations with changeable parameters and real-time animation.
  • PhET: Interactive Simulations for Science and Math.  All simulations are free and cover topics including physics, chemistry, math, earth science, and biology.
  • Online Labs. A list of freely available online physics lab resources, including condensed matter, atomic/molecular and particle physics