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Patriot Bucks

Patriot Bucks Student Portal

(Parents should see instructions below for making a guest deposit)


  • Patriot Bucks can be deposited on a campus ID card for dining purchases on campus.
  • Both students and employees can deposit Patriot Bucks onto their campus ID cards.
  • Parents may deposit Patriot Bucks onto their student’s campus ID card.  Parents must know their student’s UC email address. 
  • The minimum deposit you can place on your account is $10.
  • There will be a 10% increase from the University of the Cumberlands for every Patriot Buck that is loaded onto the campus ID card.
  • Patriot Bucks are non-refundable

How To Load
Students and Employees

  1. Navigate to your Patriot Bucks eAccount Portal and sign in with your university credentials.  Please do not put on the end of your username.
  2. Click on +Add Money
  3. Choose a deposit amount and payment method.
  4. Enter credit card info and click Submit
  5. After the transaction, you can choose to save your payment info.  You must select this option if you want to use the mobile app in the future.


  1. Click on this link, then click "Make a guest deposit".
  2. Enter in the student’s first name, last name, and email address
  3. Click on Contribute
  4. Enter Deposit Amount and click Next
  5. Enter credit card info and click Submit

Mobile App

  • Please note the mobile app is not available to perform guest deposits.  If you are depositing money on someone’s account, you must use a web browser.
  • To use the app to make a deposit, you must make your first deposit online through a web browser.  After making the initial deposit, choose to save the card.  The app will used the saved card to make future deposits.
  1. Open the app store on your mobile device and search for blackboard transact mobile eaccounts. 
  2. Download the app
  3. You will be prompted to select a site.  Search for University of the Cumberlands and choose it
  4. Sign in with your university credentials.  Please do not put on the end of your username.
  5. When successfully signed in, you can view your account, make a deposit or report a lost card.

    Patriot Bucks Student Portal