Patriots have plenty of options.

At University of the Cumberlands, Patriots have plenty of dining locations to enjoy and plenty of meal choices at each place! You'll get to choose between a buffet, Chick-fil-A, Habañeros, Pete's Eats, and two coffee shops, all located on campus. Through Pioneer College Caterers – the only contract management company exclusively serving Christian colleges and universities nationwide – Cumberlands offers nutritious, delicious, and affordable meals for our students and guests. And, yes, we are able to accommodate special dietary restrictions so that everyone has plenty to eat.

You won't have to wonder whether you'll get enough food or whether you'll be able to find healthy options on campus. The only questions you'll need to worry about are what time you're eating, at which location, and with which friends. We'll take care of the rest.

Dining Locations

Dining Locations

Dining Hall

Also called the cafeteria or "the caf," our recently-renovated dining hall features a variety of hot and nutritious meals offered buffet style.  From burgers and baked chicken, to pasta and rice pilaf, to soups and subs, to steamed veggies and salad, to fresh fruit and dessert, the dining hall is your best bet if you like to enjoy a variety of different foods all in the same meal. Or if you just want the chance to get seconds. Or thirds. No judgement!

The caf is also your best option if you have special dietary needs, as the cooks are able to choose specific ingredients to make tailored meals based on your health needs.


Monday - Friday

Hot Breakfast                    7am - 10am

Continental Breakfast      10am - 10:45am

Lunch                                 11am - 1:30pm

Dinner                                 4:30pm - 7:30pm


Saturday - Sunday

Brunch                                10:30am - 1:30pm

Dinner                                 4:30pm - 6:30 pm


Note: Dining Hall is usually not open to the public during academic breaks.

Breakfast                            $5.75

Lunch                                 $6.25

Dinner                                 $7.75

Premium Night/Specials   $8.50

Click here to view weekly menu.

The Grill

Located on the upper floor of the BCC (Boswell Campus Center), which is closer to our academic buildings, our campus grill is a popular spot for lunchtime especially, though it makes for a good dinner place too. Sit down with friends and enjoy a meal after your classes are finished for the day, or swing by the coffee shop on the middle level between classes for some quick grab-n-go meal options.

BCC Options

A condensed Chick-fil-A menu, serving up their signature hot chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, and drinks. Sometimes, they have a surprise deal day when they offer free ice cream or cookies, so be on the lookout for those throughout the year!

Monday - Friday
11 am - 9 pm

11 am - 9 pm


Featuring hand-crafted, made-to-order Mexican cuisine like burritos, salads, loaded nachos, and quesadillas.

Monday - Friday
11 am - 10 pm

11 am - 10 pm

11 am - 10 pm

One of two Cumberland River Coffee locations on campus. (Second location is in the library.) Features classic coffee shop beverages and pastries, and the BCC location offers a few different grab-n-go lunch options for students. Located on the middle level of the BCC, or "mid-BCC" for short.

Monday - Friday
7 am - 9 pm



Pete's Eats

Named after our beloved mascot, Pete the Patriot! Features American cuisine in a laidback and contemporary atmosphere. Located in Templeton Hall (aka the Adams Center). Accepts meal swipes, Patriot Bucks, cash, or credit cards. Open from 11am - 9pm daily.

Parents standing with son, posing for picture.

Treats from Parents

Parents, surprise your student with a treat! Even from far away, you can celebrate birthdays, great grades, or just remind them of your love. Cookies, fresh fruit, cakes, and more available.

Flex Dollars & Patriot Bucks

Flex Dollars

Students that commute to University of the Cumberlands throughout the week have all the same food service options available to them as our on-campus students do. They can purchase food on campus for less than the cost of local fast-food restaurants. Cumberlands' partnership with Pioneer College Caterers offers special discounts and meal plan options just for commuters. Best of all, the program can be build into your financial award package and charged to your student account.


Patriot Bucks

Intended for residential students (and employees), Patriot Bucks can be deposited on a campus ID card for dining purchases on campus. The minimum deposit you can place on your account is $10. There will be a 10% increase from UC for every Patriot Buck that is loaded onto your campus ID card. Patriot Bucks are non-refundable.

How to Load

Fall Commuter Plan A - Pay $150 & receive an extra $25 in Commuter Dollars 

Fall Commuter Plan B - Pay $350 & receive an extra $60 in Commuter Dollars 

Fall Commuter Plan C - Pay $500 & receive an extra $100 in Commuter Dollars 

Commuter Dollars are loaded on your UC Student ID and may be used for purchase at any UC Dining Location during the school year.

The charge for the plan will be charged to your student account and applicable financial aid may be used to pay for the charge.

Pioneer will offer special pricing in the Dining Hall for any Commuter Dollar meal purchase at $5.00 per meal.

On Thursdays, Pete’s Eats will offer a Flex Dollar commuter special for $5.00 per meal.

Flex Dollar users will receive a 10% discount at any Cumberland River Coffee outlet.

No charge for sales tax since it is part of meal plan.

Students may add additional dollars at any time, via debit or credit card, and receive a flex dollar bonus of 15%.

Balance rolls over from Fall to Spring while the student is enrolled as a UG on-campus student. However, any unused balance after the Spring term will be forfeited and lost.


  • Any Undergraduate Commuter Student that is registered for the Fall Semester as well as all Physician Assistant and Physical Therapy students at the Williamsburg campus. 
  • Only one purchase per term is allowed. 


  • Email studentfinancial [at] (studentfinancial[at]ucumberlands[dot]edu) 


  • Click here to access the sign-up form.

Click here to view the Patriot Bucks Student Portal.

Steps to Load:

  1. Navigate to your Patriot Bucks eAccount Portal and sign in with your university credentials.  Please do not put on the end of your username.
  2. Click on +Add Money
  3. Choose a deposit amount and payment method.
  4. Enter credit card info and click Submit
  5. After the transaction, you can choose to save your payment info.  You must select this option if you want to use the mobile app in the future.
  1. Click on this link, then click "Make a guest deposit."
  2. Enter in the student’s first name, last name, and email address.
  3. Click on Contribute.
  4. Enter Deposit Amount and click Next.
  5. Enter credit card info and click Submit.

Please note the mobile app is NOT available to perform guest deposits. If you are depositing money on someone’s account, you must use a web browser.

To use the app to make a deposit, you must make your first deposit online through a web browser. After making the initial deposit, choose to save the card. The app will use the saved card to make future deposits.

  1. Open the app store on your mobile device and search for "blackboard transact mobile eaccounts."
  2. Download the app.
  3. You will be prompted to select a site. Search for University of the Cumberlands and choose it.
  4. Sign in with your university credentials. Please do NOT put on the end of your username.
  5. When successfully signed in, you can view your account, make a deposit or report a lost card.
Students are waiting in line for lunch in the campus grille.
Newly renovated cafeteria
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