Words have power. Teach younger generations to use them well.

Do you want to inspire young minds with through teaching English? Do you wish to share the wonder of words with students? University of the Cumberlands’ bachelor’s degree program in English education provides you with the skills and certification that allows you to pursue this passion. The English education program will strengthen your writing, grammar, and critical thinking skills while you explore various works of literature, deepening your appreciation for iconic writers and their stories. Equipped with this knowledge, you will be prepared to pass on the wonder and power of the English language. Who knows? You might become the teacher of the next Robert Frost, Jane Austin, or J.K. Rowling. Turn your passion into a vocation that impacts society with a degree in English education at Cumberlands. 

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Programs & Requirements

Programs & Requirements

* The credit hours listed on this page only reference the specific program requirements and is not reflective of the total hours necessary to receive your degree. Cumberlands requires all students obtain a minimum of 60 hours for an associate’s degree and a total of 120 hours for a bachelor’s degree. Transfer and prior learning credits may be counted toward those totals.

To learn more about our General Education Requirements, please visit the page referenced below or explore our Academic Catalog

General Education Requirements

Bachelor's in English Education (Secondary Certification)

The English education program at University of the Cumberlands provides students with the proper skills and the fundamental understanding to successfully teach English to young learners. This program consists of classes that will cover writing, descriptive linguistics, literature, communications, and classes that will give basis on how to integrate technology into teaching along with classes about teaching practices. Not only will students in this program learn English skills, but they will also learn basic teaching skills such as lesson planning, classroom management, supervision strategy, and executing classroom activities.  

Course Requirements

ENGL 230     Literary Criticism  

ENGL 438     Advanced Writing  

ENGL 439     Descriptive Linguistics  

Choose four of the following (12 hours):

ENGL 331     English Literature through 1660  

ENGL 332     English Literature 1660-1830  

ENGL 333     English Literature since 1830  

ENGL 334     American Literature through 1865  

ENGL 335     American Literature since 1865  


Choose three of the following (9 hours):

ENGL 431     Studies in British Literature  

ENGL 432     Studies in Modern Literature 

ENGL 433  Women in Literature  

ENGL 437     Studies in British and American Authors  

Two electives of 300- or 400-level courses in writing or literature.

Two courses in either Spanish or French language are required.

The following three courses are required:  

COMM 230  

THTR 130  

ENGL 337 or EDUC 338  

In addition, 42 hours in professional education courses are also required as defined by the Education Department. View our course catalog for more details.

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Mission & Goals

The mission of University of the Cumberlands’ School of Education is to transform entry-level education students into highly qualified, knowledgeable, and caring teachers capable of educating younger generations about English.

Solid reflective, prioritization, time-management, and critical-thinking skills.
Knowledge of instructional methods necessary to meet the Kentucky Teacher standards and University of the Cumberlands’ standards.
Skills in reading comprehension, writing, and grammar.
An appreciation and refinement of ethical and Christian moral values in teaching.
Strong oral, written, organizational, and cooperative skills.
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English Education Careers & Outcomes

All stats from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

English Teacher: $61,820

English Teacher: $61,820

Teaching young students English-related skills such as writing, grammar, literature, and comprehension. 

Writer/Author: $69,510

Writer/Author: $69,510

Develop written content for various types of media such as books, news outlets, blogs, etc. 

Editor: $63,350

Editor: $63,350

Plan, review, and revise content to be published. 

Public Relations Specialist: $62,800

Public Relations Specialist: $62,800

Helps create a positive public image for their clients. 

Technical Writer: $78,060

Technical Writer: $78,060

Writes technical information such as instruction manuals, how-to-guides, journal articles, etc. 

Translator: $49,110

Translator: $49,110

Converts information from one language to another.

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Common Questions

Yes, the School of Education at University of the Cumberlands has received state accreditation through Kentucky's Educational Professional Standards Board (EPSB – part of the KDE, Kentucky Department of Education) and national accreditation through Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) at the initial-licensure level and advanced-level. 

Per the standards set by Kentucky EPSB, “Candidates [for student teaching] in Kentucky are required to complete a minimum of 200 field experience hours prior to student teaching.”  Each education course contains a prescribed number of field experience hours. Some courses will have more than others, and courses with more hours are distributed toward the end of the program. Before student teaching, the hours completed in courses will be 200 or more. It's hard to measure an average per semester, since it will depend on the courses you take, but rest assured that you will be able to complete all your necessary hours by the time you graduate. 

You will likely need to pass a state test for whichever state in which you hope to teach. Upon passing the exam, you should apply for a teaching license. Once you’ve obtained that, you can apply to open teaching positions!  

Since all workplaces value good written and verbal communication skills, the possibilities are endless when it comes to careers that benefit from a degree focused on English. Some jobs are more English-specific, such as writing, editing, or teaching, but strong reading comprehension and writing skills are an asset in many other careers as well. 

In an English education degree, you will be taking many education courses and English courses. All classes will be relatively small; the largest classes (often those that meet general education requirements) will be between 30-40 students, but most of your major-specific classes will have between 15-20 students. English classes are located in the Bennett Building, and education classes are held in the Luecker Building. 

All programs at University of the Cumberlands are offered at some of the lowest rates in the nation. For more information on how affordable this program would be for you, visit our Financial Aid page.

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Faculty Experts in English

Get to know more about your future English professors!

Elisha Sester Web

Elisha Sester

Field/Clinical Coordinator | Assistant Professor

Elisha Sester

Contact Information

elisha.sester [at] ucumberlands.edu
Luecker Building
Amy Hess Web

Amy Hess

Adjunct Professor

Amy Hess

Contact Information

amy.hess [at] ucumberlands.edu
Dr. Lance Boston

Dr. Lance M. Boston

Adjunct Professor

Dr. Lance M. Boston

Contact Information

lance.boston [at] ucumberlands.edu

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