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What Can I Do With A Coaching Degree?

Coaches and Scouts1

The skills you’ll receive in this online undergraduate degree program from UC will help you pursue a coaching position in the sport or field you’re passionate about. In 2021, the annual median salary was $38,970. And the job outlook for coaches and scouts, as a field, is looking up — expected to grow 26% over the next decade, faster than most other career fields.

Postsecondary Instructors2

If you’re interested in helping a larger audience achieve greater levels of fitness, meet self-improvement goals or train health advocates to help others, you could continue your education and pursue a career in postsecondary education. With a 2021 median annual salary of $79,640, employment of postsecondary teachers is projected to grow 12 percent over the next decade.


Coupled with relevant experience and a solid foundation of communication and professional skills, an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Coaching from University of the Cumberlands could give you the foundation you need to pursue a number of careers in and out of team sports or athletics, including:

  • Assistant Coach
  • Athletics Director
  • Head Coach
  • Health and Physical Education Instructor
  • Sports Management Professor
  • Rec Center Manager
  • Sports Director

"26 Percent"  Projected Growth Rate for Coaches and Scouts by 20301

1Coaches and Scouts
2Postsecondary Teachers