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What Can I Do With A Public Health Degree?

Health Educators2

This public health degree program will give you the skills you need to help others adopt healthy behaviors in their lives. In 2017, its median annual pay came in at a healthy $53,940 per year. Recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) merged growth projections for this field along with Community Health Workers (see below) for an overall demand of 16 percent1 by 2026 for these qualified professionals.

Community Health Workers3

Take that same skill set to a neighborhood level in social service as a Community Health Consultant or a Public Health Educator. These professionals provide informal health counseling, advocate for health needs for the community and even offer first aid or blood pressure screening. As of 2017, these professionals earned $38,370 per year on average.


Coupled with relevant experience and a solid foundation of communication and professional skills, an Online Associate Degree in Public Health from University of the Cumberlands should give you the foundation you need to pursue a number of careers, including:

  • Health Promotion Specialist
  • Public Health Educator
  • Community Health Education Coordinator
  • Education Coordinator
  • Nutrition Director
  • Community Nutrition Educator
  • Director of Wellness Programs

“16 Percent” Projected Growth Rate for Health Educators and Community Health Workers by 20261

1Health Educators and Community Health Workers
2Health Educators
3Community Health Workers