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Mission and Goals

The Health, Exercise and Sport Science Department of University of the Cumberlands is on a mission to provide students with the best possible education in the broad field that is Public Health.

The online Bachelor in Public Health Online Degree Program gives students a foundational expertise in health and well-being on a personal and societal level. Online classes in areas like community health, substance abuse and physiology provide the broad-based knowledge graduates will need to succeed in helping individuals and families live healthier lives. In this way, University of the Cumberlands helps students who pursue a degree in Public Health make a positive impact on the world around them.

Online Bachelor's Degree in Public Health Program Goals:

  • Develop competent professionals who are able to integrate content knowledge & practical application skills appropriate to the setting
  • Learn effective analytical, evaluative, management, and communication skills to successfully navigate diverse situations
  • Provide a thorough academic foundation for Health, Exercise and Sport Science (HESS) students to apply to graduate schools and meet requirements for professional positions in the content area
  • Facilitate students in effective communication competence related to HESS content