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Cumberlands students, faculty and staff located in Williamsburg, Kentucky should contact DaySpring Health (606.549.2956) or their preferred health care provider.

We hope these FAQ's about dining services will help students and their families navigate additional information as we prepare to reopen campus this fall. For more information look at our complete Reopening Dining Plan

COVID-19 Dining FAQ's

How do we pick tables for seating at the Grill?

During hours of service at all food locations we will have dining room attendants cleaning and sanitizing tables and chairs for customers continuously. Guests can check with the attendant to see what tables have been cleaned, sanitized and ready for service. 

Will there be “Dine In” available at the food locations?

We will offer “Dine IN” and “Carryout” options at all food locations. If seating becomes too crowded, we will offer “Carryout” to guests for take away to other seating areas or their dorm room. 

How will dining services work? Limited seating? Pickup? Other?

  • All dining outlets on campus will be open for “Dine In” as well as “Carryout” options. 
  • Along with our current five service locations, we’ve added a new Grab-N-Go location outside of BCC health facility. This will help to keep guests spread out throughout campus. 
  • All areas will offer seating with dining room attendants in charge of cleaning and sanitizing tables. 
  • Seating will be spread out as best possible and guest should all wear masks when entering the dining area. Only remove your mask to eat, otherwise, masks should be worn at all times. 
  • All food service staff will wear masks and gloves when working in the food service operations. 
  • All food service staff will be required to complete a “Health Check” when reporting to work each day to include temperature check and health questionnaire. 
  • Each dining service location will be set with directional signage such as floor decals and stanchions to ensure social distancing.
  • All CDC required signage will posted at the entrance to each food service location as well as hand sanitizer for customer use at each location. 
  • All food service staff are required to sign a “Return to Work Agreement” that outlines all health and safety requirements to be employed in food services during the COVID-19 pandemic.