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A student relaxes in the new Cumberlands library


Now you are all in! 

You went away to college, but something just didn't work out right. Now is the time to give Cumberlands a try. Why? Because we have the low cost you need, the academic programs you're looking for and an amazing campus experience. Up to 75% of a transfer students undergraduate degree plan can be credited at Cumberlands. Now, you're getting somewhere.


Complete your degree Online or On-Campus

Being a student transfer doesn’t have to be a challenge. At University of the Cumberlands, we’re dedicated to offering a quality education at an affordable price. Our policies for admission and credit transfer were designed with you in mind. We want the transition process to be as seamless as possible for university transfer students. If transferring to Cumberlands, we’ll assure that you know:

  • What credits will be applied to your degree.
  • How long you’ll be enrolled.
  • How much it will cost you.
  • Transfer student requirements.

Ready to Learn More?

Main Campus Undergraduate

  • No app fee
  • Free transfer eval - submit your transcripts for review to
  • Affordable tuition
  • Free textbooks, parking, printing, and tutoring
  • Free student activities
  • Commuter friendly campus
  • Transfer 75% of your degree
  • Contact Courtnie Kirby 606.539.4245

Undergraduate Online

  • No app fee
  • $220 per credit hour
  • Convenient/ flexible class format
  • Free transfer credit eval – submit your transcripts for review to 
  • Transfer 75% of your degree
  • Call us anytime at - 606.539.4372


  • No GRE required
  • $30 Application fee
  • Courses beginning at $315 per credit hour
  • Flexible online format
  • Call us anytime at - 606.539.4393
  • Looking into an executive program? Click HERE

Students with a completed AA, AS, or AAS degree from a regionally-accredited institution are guaranteed admission into UC!

No Application Fee

Official Transcripts are Required

Degree Completion Planning

What About My Transfer Credit?

University of the Cumberlands offers a great place to build on your past college work. We welcome the fresh perspectives and diverse experiences that transfer students bring to the UC community. As you explore the opportunities available to you at University of the Cumberlands, we hope you will find UC as the place where you want to complete your degree!
UC strives to be a transfer-friendly institution. We value your past academic experience and will accept as many transfer credits as possible. Below are a few of the highlights of our transfer policies and agreements.

Use the search (TES) below to see which courses will come into your UC program! If you cannot find your courses on TES, submit an evaluation request and unofficial transcripts for a review!

Find Your Transfer Credits

Undergraduate Evaluation Request

<span id="kctcs">KCTCS Course-by-Course Equivalency</span>

Many of Cumberlands bachelor degree programs are designed as a seamless pathway from associate degrees. UC wants you to receive credit for what you have earned. Here are a few highlights to UC’s transfer policy in relation to KCTCS students.

ALL applicable KCTCS credits will transfer! 
UC will accept any coursework taken at the 100-level or above from a KCTCS institution as long as they can be applied toward your UC Degree program.  Any credits not necessary for completion of your UC Degree will not need to be accepted.

Are you an Education major with clinical hours?
In addition to accepting your credits, with Department Chair approval, UC will review your clinical hours and work to help you transfer those that are applicable toward your Elementary Education or Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education program!



    Hours Earned
  Associates 60-66
University of the Cumberlands logo UC Bachelors + 60-68
Hours Required for Bachelors at UC = 120 Hours
* Number of hours taken at UC will depend on courses transferred as part of Associates and Major chosen at UC. Submit your transcripts today for a review.

Undergraduate Students can transfer up to 75% of their degree plan into UC

You can save up to 75% on tuition and earn your degree in as little as 9 months!
  Total hours required (min.) Maximum # of transfer hours
Bachelors of Science 120 90
Bachelors of Applied Science 120 90
Associates of Science 61 45
Associates of Applied Science 60 45

UC will accept any coursework taken at the 100-level or above from a regionally-accredited institution as long as they can be applied toward your UC Degree program. Any credits not necessary for completion of your UC Degree will not need to be accepted.

*Credits from a nationally accredited school may be reviewed and accepted on a case-by-case basis. UC will accept all credits so long as they can be applied toward your degree program. Excess credits may not be accepted.

Please Contact Us to see if UC has an articulation agreement with your institution, or to learn more about transferring.

General Education Complete!

Students who have obtained certification from sending institution with General Education Full Certification, or General Education Core Certified may be qualified for General Education Complete status. Some programs do require additional General Education/Related Studies courses as part of program-specific curriculum. In these cases, the students must still complete any courses that are specifically required within the student’s major.