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Financial advisor with MSF degree presenting data on screen

Executive Master's in Finance

The Executive Master of Science in Finance from University of the Cumberlands helps you build and refined the skills needed to meet the growing demand for executive-level financial experts throughout the business world. Our MS in Finance degree program is designed to prepare you for upper-level management roles—including C-Suite positions—by offering a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of financial practices. Upon graduation, you’ll have the quantitative and qualitative skills needed to better guide financial decision-making processes throughout your organization. Plus, it lays an excellent foundation for pursuing top financial certifications such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Your Executive Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program will help develop your critical thinking skills and provide a master-level of industry knowledge regarding financial theories and practices. Graduates of the MS in Finance learn how to:

  • Perform sophisticated financial analyses with industry-relevant tools, techniques, and technologies
  • Research and apply practical research-based strategies across business functional areas 
  • Apply the reasoning skills and behavior to ethical issues within the financial field
  • Work in a team environment and communicate recommendations of financial analyses

What Is a MS in Finance?

This master’s program in finance offers the knowledge, analytic skills, industry insights, theoretical tools, and credentials you need to pursue a number of next-level career opportunities within the financial field. 

With this MSF degree, you can take your career—and salary—to an executive level. Graduates of this program can pursue careers consultancy, where Financial Managers earn a media average salary of $131,710 annually. Or lead your organizations financial operations, pursuing management and executive roles in an area where top executives—C-Suites including Chief Financial Officers included—earned, on average $98,980 in 2021. Other career options, and high salary potential, can be found as a Personal Finance Advisor, Fund Manager, Portfolio Manager, and more.

Take the next step—learn what it takes to help your company and your clients make wise financial decisions with your Executive Master of Science in Finance. To learn more about any of our executive-level business programs, contact us today!

Residency & Class Attendance Policy
Residency weekend sessions are mandatory. You must attend each session in full to receive credit. If you miss any part of the session, you will be counted absent for the entire session. No exceptions. If you miss a single class session, you may make it up at the end of the semester and be required to pay a make-up fee. Missing more than one residency session will result in dismissal from the University.

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