It may be sports, but it’s not a game – not for great managers.

University of the Cumberlands’ bachelor’s degree program in fitness and sport management takes you beyond sports, teaching you the fundamentals of fitness, health, and business and teaches you how to help people feel their best. From maintaining physical health and exercise, to making smart financial decisions, to marketing sports teams, this program prepares you for the business side of the fitness world. The knowledge you learn from this program will equip you to pursue careers in coaching, personal training, nutrition, fitness, sports, health and wellness, and more. By the time you graduate, not only will you know how to keep yourself in peak health, but you will also know how to guide others into achieving the healthiest versions of themselves. 

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Programs & Requirements

Programs & Requirements

* The credit hours listed on this page only reference the specific program requirements and is not reflective of the total hours necessary to receive your degree. Cumberlands requires all students obtain a minimum of 60 hours for an associate’s degree and a total of 120 hours for a bachelor’s degree. Transfer and prior learning credits may be counted toward those totals.

To learn more about our General Education Requirements, please visit the page referenced below or explore our Academic Catalog

General Education Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Fitness & Sport Management

Students in the Fitness and Sport Management program will learn a mix of both fitness and health information and business related information. A mix of both of this information provides an understanding of how business works in sports and wellness related careers, prepping students to be successful in their future career in the field. You can expect to take courses that go over the science of exercise, nutrition, the way the human body functions, managing sports, and general business information such as accounting, managing, and marketing.

After you graduate, you will then be eligible to take exams for certifications such as the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Council on Exercise, the National Council on Strength and Fitness, or the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Course Requirements

ITSS 130     Introduction to Application Software   

BACC 131     Principles of Accounting I   

BADM 136     Microeconomics   

BADM 331     Principles of Management   

BADM 334     Principles of Marketing   

HESS 233     Functional Human Anatomy and Physiology   

HESS 330     Influences on Contemporary Issues in Health & Performance  

HESS 333     Nutrition   

HESS 439     Facilities Development & Management   

ESS 131     Introduction to Exercise and Sport Science   

ESS 230     Growth and Movement Development   

ESS 231     Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries   

ESS 235     Fitness and Sport Management   

ESS 330     Kinesiology   

ESS 334     Methods of Group Exercise   

ESS 336     Exercise Prescription   

ESS 435     Physiology of Exercise   

ESS 437     Tests and Measurements   

ESS 419     Senior Seminar -- Capstone 

A Bachelor of Arts requires all the same courses as a Bachelor of Science with the addition of four classes (12 hours) in a foreign language.

Choose one foreign language sequence:

FREN 131        Elementary French I

FREN 132        Elementary French II

FREN 231        Intermediate French I

FREN 232        Intermediate French II


SPAN 131        Elementary Spanish I

SPAN 132        Elementary Spanish II

SPAN 231        Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN 232        Intermediate Spanish II

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Mission & Goals

The mission of the fitness and sport management degree program is to develop ethically responsible fitness and sport practitioners who are competent and prepared to promote lifelong fitness in a variety of careers in the health and wellness.

 Meet requirements for professional positions or graduate school in related fields.
 Effectively communicate, work in groups, and problem-solve.
 Administrate and organize procedures involved in management, facilitation, and intervention.
 Enact a healthy lifestyle and promote healthy living to others.
 Evaluate others’ fitness levels through a knowledgeable, responsible, and compassionate lens.
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Fitness & Sport Management Careers & Outcomes

All stats from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Coach or Scout: $38,970

Coach or Scout: $38,970

Teach athletes the skills they need to succeed in their sport or find possible recruits. 

Sports & Fitness Marketing: $133,380

Sports & Fitness Marketing: $133,380

Advertising and promotion work for sports teams or fitness related businesses.

Nutritionist: $61,650

Nutritionist: $61,650

Create healthy nutrition plans for others, to help them live a healthier life.

Athletic Trainer: $48,420

Athletic Trainer: $48,420

Help athletes by preventing, diagnosing, and treating muscle and bone illness or injury. 

Athlete Agent/Manager: $82,530

Athlete Agent/Manager: $82,530

Represent and promote artists, performers, and athletes in dealings with current or prospective employers. May handle contract negotiation and other business matters for clients.

Sports Video Editor: $63,520

Sports Video Editor: $63,520

Edit moving images on film, video, or other media. May work with a producer or director to organize images for final production. May edit or synchronize soundtracks with images. 

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Common Questions

This degree is about helping others do their best while feeling their best. If you’re interested in the business of helping others improve and maintain their health and fitness, or if you enjoy sports, this is the degree for you.

The fitness and sport management world is vast, meaning that someone with a degree in this field has a huge number of career options available to them. Every employer wants to hire someone who is hardworking, capable, and knowledgeable in their field. Beyond that, specific job choices may rely on your passion and previous experience. If you’re charismatic, consider sales or marketing. If you can pinpoint people’s strengths, scouting or coaching may be a good choice. Have video or sound experience? Media teams are always in need of experts to film games and create highlight reels and commercials. Really, the options are endless! 

Of course! You don’t have to be an athlete in order to care about fitness, health, and sports. Besides, there is more to sport management than playing or coaching sports. With the knowledge and skills you gain from a fitness and sport management degree, you’ll be ready for any number of careers in that industry. 

Yes – there are a number of positions available in our Department of Athletics for those who want to boost their résumés with extra hands-on experience in the field. We offer work-study positions for student photographers, game announcers, social media managers, team managers, and more. Visit to learn more. 

If you want to be extra prepared for the workforce, it may be wise to pursue a minor or even a second major. Some areas that would enhance a degree in fitness and sport ministry would be business administration or accounting, coaching, psychology, public health, or human services. But you aren’t restricted to those options; feel free to choose any of our other 40+ programs! 

All programs at University of the Cumberlands are offered at some of the lowest rates in the nation. For more information on how affordable this program would be for you, visit our Financial Aid page.

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Faculty Experts in Fitness & Sport Management

Learn more about the fitness & sport management professors you'll interact with.

Cody Durbin

Assistant Track and Field Coach | Adjunct Professor
Health, Exercise and Sport Science

Cody Durbin

Contact Information

cody.durbin [at]
Rollins Center

Kandace West

Adjunct Professor
Health, Exercise and Sport Science

Kandace West

Contact Information

kandace.west [at]
Matthew Hill

Matthew Hill

Adjunct Faculty
Health, Exercise and Sport Science

Matthew Hill

Contact Information

matthew.hill [at]
Luecker Building, RM 215

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