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Cumberlands Q & A

Get an inside look into the Cumberlands experience from those who know it best. The students.

34 sec
Housing staff answer questions about the suite-style residence halls.
The difference between community and suite style halls is mainly where the bathrooms are located and which students share them. In a suite style hall Residents share a bathroom with up to nine other residents living within their suite. A suite contains 3 to 4 rooms with 2 to 3 students in each room. A community style hall can be thought of as more of a traditional college experience, with multiple students living on a single floor with multiple bathrooms placed throughout the hall.
All of our residence halls have complimentary amenities such as laundry rooms and community microwaves.
What is the difference between community and suite-style residence halls?
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Housing staff answer questions about things to do on campus.
For fun. Residents have access to a wide variety of activities and facilities on campus, including a free fitness center, a game room, tennis court, volleyball and basketball courts. Throughout the week, students can engage in a variety of events hosted by Campus Activities Board, athletics, residents life and other departments and groups on campus surf, she said.
What is there to do on campus?
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Housing staff answer questions about laundry services on campus.
Yes, Every residence hall has a laundry facility that students can access free of charge any time of the day.
Is laundry free? Where do I find laundry facilities?
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Housing staff answer questions about finding a roommate.
So summer orientation provides a great opportunity to meet people and discuss housing plans for the fall. If you don't have anybody in particular in mind that you want to room with our housing portal offers a great matching selection that allows you to search for a roommate based on personality factors, based on sleep time, wait time, campus involvement, in sports recruitment and much more.
From there, you can match them on the housing portal and participate in housing selection. Once it opens.
How do I find a roommate?
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Student ambassadors answer questions about commuter involvement on campus.
How involved are commuter students? Commuter students can be just as involved as any on campus student. They can go to all the events, they can go to any of the dining services and sometimes CAB will even throw in commuter only events.
How involved are commuter students on campus?