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International Graduate Student Forms

  • Executive Structure
    Provides an overview of the executive course format, as well as course residency locations, and the internship requirement.
  • INTR Requirement
    Please refer to this document for an explanation of why INTR is required for each semester of enrollment.
  • Student ID Request Form
    Your ID card is required to document your attendance at orientation, as well a future residency days. You will need to use your UC student email and password to request an ID card.
  • F-2 Request Form 
    F-1 student requesting for a dependent please complete the F-2 request form and provide proper documentation.
  • CPT Application - Initial and Renewal 
    Application should be completed when requesting new Curricular Practical Training placement or a change in placement.
  • Initial OPT and STEM Applications 
    To be completed when requesting initial or STEM OPT, as well as employment reporting notifications.
  • SSN Card Form 
    Once a student has received a SSN, this form should be  completed to submit to the University. This is required for CPT participation.  
  • DMV Request Form
    DMV Letter Request for currently enrolled students. Students applying for a driver’s license should be prepared to present the below listed documents to the DMV (if applicable).
    *The DMV address on the letter is the address for the main DMV headquarters in your state. You can take the letter to any DMV office in the state.*  
  • Semester Break Request Form
    This form should be completed when a student is requesting to take a full semester off from their studies. Please do not submit this application if you are on H-1B status. Semester break applications for the Summer 2022 term open March 1st, 2022, and close on April 28th, 2022.
  • Program Extension Request
    You are expected to complete your program by the program end date listed on your SEVIS record. If completing by this date is not possible, you must submit a request for a program extension prior to the listed program end date. If you fail to follow the program extension guidelines, your program end date will not be extended, and you will no longer be eligible for work authorization. Additionally, you will not be eligible to continue as an F1 student until you apply for reinstatement with USICS. 
  • Request to Change Programs Application
    This application should be completed when a student is requesting to change programs at UC without completing their current program. If you wish to complete one program and start a new one, please submit a new application; this is not the correct form for you. 
  • Process for Letter of Invitation
    To be used if you would like to invite your relatives to visit you in the U.S. 
  • H-1B Requests for Evidence
    Please use this information if you have a pending H1-B case and have received an RFE. 
  • Travel Information
    Please refer to this information for assistance with travel-related questions and documents.
  • UC Affidavit of Support
    To be completed if you are applying for a Form I-20 and are submitting financial documents that are not in your name. 
  • Executive Student Advising Letter
    This letter contains information related to the Executive program structure, course site locations, the INTR requirement, and student enrollment status. Prior to requesting the letter, please be sure that your mailing address is correct in UC One.
  • Graduation Invitation Form
    Specific information regarding the commencement ceremony can be found on Applications close on March 25, 2022.

  • Request for Reduced Course Load - Summer 2022
    To be completed if a reduced course load is needed for current or upcoming semester.
  • Request to Withdraw from Courses
    Please submit this form ONLY if you want to completely withdraw from courses at UC. If you just want to drop a course and add another, DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM. Please work with your academic advisor to adjust your schedule and ensure you maintain your status. We advise you to always consult with your academic advisor and DSO before making any changes to your schedule. Please review the school’s Refund Policy & Cancellation Information before requesting to withdraw.
  • Payment Plans
    The UC Office of Student Accounts is the University’s student account and billing office. Please review their webpage here for additional information, which includes viewing tuition statements, submitting payments, setting up a payment plan, and reviewing each semester’s payment due date. If satisfactory payment (i.e. – balance paid in full or financial aid to cover balance in full) is not set up prior to the third week of classes, you will be auto-enrolled into a payment plan.