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Earn AND Learn

Afford College with University of the Cumberlands

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Eligible for $20,500
Only $7,500 a year
$13,000 in your pocket

Your Cumberlands degree could cost you NOTHING

University of the Cumberlands removes the financial barriers students face when returning to school. Let your focus be on your family, your career, and your future - not your finances! 

"When I went back to school to finish my undergraduate degree, I was completely clueless on how to handle the financial aid aspect of it, but knew I needed financial aid to afford to get my degree. The Cumberlands financial aid department was amazing and made figuring out aid packages a breeze."
               - Hannah Hamilton '20 

A Cumberlands graduate celebrates on campus

Financial aid Pays

If a student is eligible for a full financial aid package and is a resident of Kentucky; you are eligible for over $20,000 in grants. 

Potential Grant Awards*
Pell - Up to $10,000
Kentucky Tuition Grant - $3,200
College Access Program - $5,300
KEES - $2,000 

On average, students fully enrolled in a UC Online program only spend $7,500 a year in tuition. 

What does that mean for you? That you can't afford NOT to go to college. You can earn money at the same time you're earning your degree. Even better, a Cumberlands degree could make you eligible for a promotion or a new job opportunity! 

*Federal and state fund eligibility is based on your FAFSA and KHEAA policy.

Earn Credit for What You Know!

Prior learning experience and college credits count at Cumberlands. 
Kentucky students who have completed community college or have college credits they hope to transfer in as they return to college are already ahead. Cumberlands even allows students to earn college credit for professional experience they have gained over time. 

And, transferring to University of the Cumberlands doesn’t have to be a challenge. Our policies for admission and credit transfer were designed with you in mind. We want the transfer process to be as seamless as possible and for you to get the degree you desire without the hassle. 

Work Ready

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Undergraduate courses begin at $220 per credit hour
No cost to apply 
No GRE required 
FREE transfer credit evaluation 
FREE acceptance of approved transfer credit

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