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International Semester Course Schedules

Below are several tips and resources that will help guide you through the registration process.



After your first semester, you are able to self-register for your courses in MyUC once a registration period is open.

If you need assistance registering for courses please watch the below video:

When you are registering please make sure that you register for 7 credits if you’re on F1 Status. One main residency course, one online course either B1 (First bi term) or B2 (Second Bi term) and INTR599 (Masters Level) or INTR 799(PhD Level) or INTR 899 (Dissertation stage). 

Please register at MyUC

To find the RESIDENCY courses, utilize the advanced search function and filter by building. To find online courses, you will have to remove this filter and search by “Part of Term” for first bi-term and second bi-term. INTR courses will be in the full term, but will not have a building code. Additionally, all dissertation courses are in the full term and not offered in bi-term (8 week) format. 

Note: The 3 credit hour residency courses (full-term courses) also have section numbers that are associated with their location. Those sections numbers are as follows: 
NKY – 20 through 29
Seattle – 30 through 39
DC area – 40 through 49
Dallas – 50 through 59

Viewing Schedule Details in MyUC by going to Academics > View My Courses: 

Student Schedule


Once you choose “Student Schedule”, you will be able to view your course and schedule details. This page will show all courses that you are registered for, the dates of the courses, the location and weekend dates for the residency session, and much more.

Student Registration



There are three kinds of classes for executive-format students within a 16 week semester:  
Full Term: 16 weeks long. Residency courses, Dissertation courses, and INTR courses are part of the FULL TERM. 
First Bi-Term (B1): 100% online (first 8 weeks of the semester)
Second Bi-Term (B2): 100% online (second 8 weeks of the semester)


Check the Academic Calendar page for important dates in each semester. 

Terms of interest for Executive-format students are the Full Term (16 weeks), First Bi-Term (8 weeks), and Second Bi-Term (8 weeks).

Refund Schedule


You will want to set up a payment plan at the beginning of each semester. Payment plans are processed by the campus Office of Student Accounts. If you have questions regarding payment plans, tuition balance, or payments please contact You can also access your balance and make payments by logging into MyUC

If you are wanting to set up a payment plan so that you can pay in installments, you will need to do that through the MyUC.

For a brief tutorial on setting up a payment plan, please view this video:


Do you have a tuition hold on your account?

Tuition holds are placed on student accounts by the Office of Student Accounts. If you have an outstanding tuition balance for the current semester then you will not be able to register for courses until your tuition balance has been paid in full or you are up to date on all payments in a payment plan. You can make a payment by logging onto your MyUC.

To view your balance and/or make a payment in MyUC, you will need to do so through the MyUC

For a brief overview of this process, please view the following tutorial video:


This stop will prevent you from registering for courses in the future. To avoid any delays in future registration periods, you will need to update your address in MyUC

Once at the above link, please click the ellipsis at the top, left-hand corner of the page (4 boxes in the corner).
Then, you will simply select “Personal Information” > “View Addresses and Phones.” 
Then, you will need to select “Update Addresses and Phones.” 

On this page, you will need to click on “Current” beside the address or phone number that you want to edit. Before submitting the address changes, you must also enter the date in which you want the address change to be effective (valid) from. You do not have to enter an end date for the address. Click “Submit” to finalize the changes.