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Bachelor in church planting students standing outside on University of Cumberlands campus talking.

Bachelor's Degree in Church Planting

Make your Ministry Mark with Evangelism!

Ever wonder how a church begins? How a church is planted in new areas, neighborhoods, and cities? How God’s Word reaches distant lands to further His kingdom, building congregations of local churches? If so, your future – your calling – just might be in Church Planting.

Obtain the skills you need to pursue this mission field with the church planting degree program at University of the Cumberlands.

Let our experienced ministers and accomplished scholars guide you in the development of the skills you need to minister for Christ in the 21st century. You’ll gain the strategies, tactics, and real-world skills you need to serve in the U.S. and around the world in fields of church planting, evangelism, and discipleship.

Whether you pursue a seminary degree immediately after completing your program or move directly into ministry, your church planting degree will prepare you to take your place in Christian service.

What is Church Planting?

Typically, church planting happens when members of a local congregation feel called to form a new church in a different area, perhaps in a neighboring city or suburb. Such a movement should only be undertaken after considerable prayer … and planning. That’s where you can make a real difference. While it doesn’t take a theology or evangelism degree to be a part of a church-planting initiative, it can certainly help. A relevant degree program that offers insights into how to plant a church will help ensure every step of the process is biblically based and in synch with God’s Word.  

What are the Benefits of Church Planting?

There are a number of benefits to planting a church for you, for your local church and for the Kingdom of God. In this way, your existing church may be able to reach and teach more people, offering opportunities for discipleship and the spreading of God’s Word. There is the personal satisfaction of knowing what you’re doing is His will. There’s the encouragement of working in the field with fellow believers. 

What can I do with Church Planting Degree?

With a church planting degree from a God-honoring university such as the University of the Cumberlands, you can join the ranks of UC graduates around the world who serve in Christian missions and ministry. Take the Gospel to people who have never heard it or stay closer to home, helping the local church as a pastor, youth minister, worship leader, or in some other capacity.

From the local church to organizations as large as Fellowship of Christian Athletes to denominational agencies like the Kentucky Baptist Convention, serving God might take you anywhere. The key is to be ready, perhaps with a relevant Christian degree.

Is a Church Planting degree worth it?

In this case and whenever you prepare yourself for service, the answer is yes! A degree in theology, Christian studies or church planting is “worth it” spiritually, mentally and even materially. These are the Christian degrees and education that can help you pursue any number of career opportunities, from church planting to leading denominational organizations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2020, religious workers earned $40,000 annually while leaders of religious activities and education were able to earn around $45,000 per year.


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